Resources to Handle Every Detail

Combining expertise with capital, PrecorRuffin is active in the development of new projects, as well as in buying and redeveloping existing assets.

For the business owner who would rather lease than own, but cannot locate a suitable facility, or the landowner seeking a developer or partner, PrecorRuffin has the financial strength and resources to successfully complete build-to-suits for lease, sale, leaseback or joint venture projects.

Real estate development and investment clients are briefed on building options and those properties available for ownership. The client can then become as involved as they choose to be in site selection and project development.

Conceptual Schedules and Budgeting

Feasibility and Economic Analysis

Technical Team Assembly

Planning, Design and Development

Site Reviews and Due Diligence

Financial Structuring and Options

Land and/or Building Aquisitions and Negotiations

Adaptive Re-Use

Site Plan / Master Plan Oversite

Accounting / Control / Reporting

Value Engineering

Construction Management

Tennant Occupancy Coordination

Historic Renovation

Investing in the Past for Profit

PrecorRuffin’s experience and expertise in the adaptive reuse of historic properties and placing them into service as income producing investments is unique among real estate firms in the region.

PrecorRuffin has mastered the complex puzzle of balancing market economics with historic preservation. This expertise not only protects the ability to capture valuable investment tax credits, but also provides the potential for extraordinary return on investment.

Projects of distinction include converting a 1930’s 3-story warehouse into Oklahoma City’s first loft apartments with drive-to-the-door parking; renovating a 1919 automobile dealership into dramatic loft offices; as well as the re-creation of the landmark C. R. Anthony Building into a modern, class “A” office building which beckons you into downtown. Each of these projects captures the historic feel and nature of the building while generating significant returns.

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